Murder & Manslaughter:Criminal Attorney In Burlington

Murder and manslaughter and all other cases involving a death are usually more complex and emotional than any other matter. Anything you say or do can potentially hurt your case. Contacting a lawyer immediately will help protect your rights and ensure that proper procedures are followed.

More importantly, consulting our firm will help you understand the specifics of the criminal charges against you, and how to best defend your case. At Leo Adler Law, we helped individuals in Toronto, in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada with legal defences for:

  • First and second degree murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Negligence causing death
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Defending Murder Charges

In Canada there is no charge more serious than an allegation of murder or manslaughter. Homicide offences, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter can attract lengthy jail sentences including the potential for life in prison. Clients facing murder or manslaughter charges need to very carefully consider the lawyer they want to hire to assist them with this most serious of matters.

Daniel Brown is among a select group of criminal defence lawyers who are certified as specialists in criminal law and has successfully represented numerous clients charged with murder, manslaughter and attempted murder. He has also obtained bail pending trial for several of his clients facing a murder allegation.

Understanding Murder and Manslaughter Charges in Canada

Of all violent offences, murder is the most serious crime in Canada. If convicted, the accused will face mandatory life imprisonment.

Murder charges are either first or second degree. First degree murders are ones that are committed with planning and deliberation. Murder is also first degree if the victim is a police officer or jail guard or if it occurs during the course of a kidnapping, sexual assault, hostage­-taking, or hijacking. All other murders are second degree.

A conviction for murder will result in a mandatory life sentence with variable parole eligibility. First degree murderers will not be eligible to apply for parole for 25 years, while second degree murderers must wait at least 10 years or more depending on the sentencing judge’s ruling.

Manslaughter charges are different, but similarly serious. Manslaughter refers to a homicide where the accused commits an unlawful act which causes the deceased‘s death without intending to actually kill him or her. This often occurs during self­-defence scenarios where there was an unreasonable escalation of force, or as a result of negligent driving or the illegal possession of firearms.

The seriousness of these charges demands special protocol both for the investigation and bail process. Police investigations are typically conducted by special teams who deal exclusively with murder and other violent offences. The investigation itself is often much more invasive, and the interrogation process is particularly stringent, with any and all replies given to police liable to be used against you in court.

For this reason, the first thing you should do upon being arrested for a violent offence is to contact a murder or manslaughter lawyer in Toronto; qualified legal representation can ensure Charter compliance during your investigation, and help you circumvent cases of false confessions. The bail procedure for individuals involved with murder or manslaughter cases is also different, requiring the legal expertise of a seasoned criminal defence lawyer in Burlington to navigate successfully.